5 Tips That Ensure The Success Of Your Sewing ProjectFor me, there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing mid-way through a project that there’s something going wrong somewhere. Worse still, is the realization that it is probably something I did or did not do in the initial stages. It could be that I did not measure one part correctly or I’ve assembled the parts in the wrong order. Sometimes, it could take just one little mistake to unravel a project completely.

These 5 tips will help you avoid some basic mistakes and ensure that every sewing project that you undertake is a success!

Tip #1: Measure Once, Measure Twice & Even Thrice Before Cutting

The importance of this step cannot be overstated. Measuring everything accurately is crucial to the success of any sewing project, whether you are sewing an intricate garment or basic curtains. Once you’ve cut your fabric, there’s no going back so make it a rule to measure two or even three times before you actually take the pair of scissors to your fabric.

Tip #2: Follow the Instructions

 If you are sewing an outfit using a pattern, you absolutely must follow the instructions that come with the pattern. As you gain more experience, you could try taking short cuts, but if you are new to sewing, it is advisable to stick to the given sequence and other directions. What I do is before I even place the pattern on the fabric, I take a few minutes to look over all of the instructions so I have a pretty good picture in my mind of what to expect, what to look out for and what is the sequence of steps.

Tip #3: Use Your Pins Generously

Pinning the seams together before sewing will help keep the pieces together while you sew. The little extra time and patience that it takes to do the pinning and then take out the pins is well worth the effort as it will mean less struggling while you are sewing. Use your pins generously especially when working on tricky areas like collars, sleeves, cuffs and hems.

Tip #4: Iron As You Go

Don’t fold up your ironing board when you are in the middle of any sewing project. If your ironing board is folded up and your iron is not handy, you will be more than likely to just forge ahead with the sewing and forgo this step. Keep it open and ready to use. Ironing out the seams helps keep everything aligned and straight and helps you see how you are coming along. With the seams ironed, mistakes if any are easily discernible, right there and then rather than when it is too late.

Tip #5: Give Your Project a Professional Finish

It can be tempting to avoid this step. Why do you need to bother with finishing the seams on the inside? After all, nobody is going to see it. That’s true but when you leave the inside seams unfinished, it can start to fray after a few washes and this can affect the overall look. If you do not have a serger machine, use the zigzag setting on your machine to finish the seams. Check that all end threads are securely fasted and cut off so that they do not unravel.

That’s it!  These 5 simple steps will ensure the success of any sewing project that you undertake.