Personalized Sewing Machines Add Flair To Your Sewing

Personalized sewing machines lend a touch of flair and flamboyance to your sewing projects.  It doesn’t matter whether you sew for a living or purely as a hobby, personalizing your sewing machine transforms an ordinary utility device into a work of art!

Most of us see a sewing machine as just that- a tool that sews and helps us get our creative projects together. And, as long as it does a good job and gives us our money’s worth, that’s great! However, a sewing machine is not just an ordinary gadget. This is a tool that helps us create some of the most beautiful end products from a swatch of fabric. Personalizing the machine gives it a unique personality that sets it apart from all other machines. It makes the machine distinctly yours.

Ideas for Personalized Sewing Machines

There are several ways that you can personalize your sewing machine. Painting is one of such idea. However, the downside to painting your sewing machine is that it is permanent. If you like the idea of changing the look of your machine whenever you feel like, it is far better to employ temporary techniques.  Here are three fantastic and easy ideas that are versatile, temporary and won’t mar the shell of your machine when you remove them.

  • Cover your machine with clear contact paper and decorate it with stickers of your choice
  • Cut and trim and laptop skin to fit the machine without covering its essential features
  • Cut out various shapes from removable contact paper in an assortment of colors and create your own designs

Whichever idea you go with, it is important to avoid covering any part of the sewing machine that will hamper your sewing.

Personalized Sewing Machines as Gifts

Looking for something special for someone special is not always easy. While a practical gift is useful, it’s not really ‘special’. On the other hand, the excitement of a fad gift can fade away very quickly. Moreover, you’re not sure whether the recipient will really use or even like your gift at all. This is where personalized sewing machines score over all other gifts.

Personalized sewing machines straddle the practical and whimsical realms with ease and are the perfect solution when you are looking for that BIG GIFT for a special little girl. You know a sewing machine will get used over the years but perhaps on its own, a sewing machine looks… well, a tad boring. Adding a few details and personalizing the machine will help add the fun factor to your gift. You know she’ll be talking about your special gift for years to come.