Or my seam ripper… or measure tape?

Does that sound like you? Do you often feel like you spend far too much time looking for your various sewing supplies? Are your sewing projects forever getting put on hold simply because you cannot find the color of thread that you need or you’ve misplaced your measure tape or your seam ripper yet again?

Constant hold-ups can make for a very frustrated seamstress, not to mention half-done projects that will eventually just never get done. I’ve realized that my best work gets done when everything goes along smoothly.

When I need something, I know exactly where to look at it. If I need to snip the fabric while machining, I just have to reach out and pick up my pair of snipping scissors, make the snip and get on with the machining within seconds. I know that if I get off the chair and go looking for any one thing, I will soon get distracted with the other things I am likely to come across and then my sewing will soon be forgotten.

If you are like me, you need to stay organized while sewing. You need to have a proper place for everything. If you don’t, your sewing space can soon get messy and disorganized, making it hard to find what you need when you need it most.

Here are a few practical ideas and suggestions for organizing your sewing space.

Proper Storage is Essential

While a sewing caddy that holds all your sewing essentials can be very convenient, it is not mandatory. You could just as easily make do with stackable containers. See-through containers that are all of the same size work best.  They take up the least space and you can easily see what each one contains. If your containers are not see-through, make sure you label them to avoid having to open each and every one to find what you are looking for.

If you do a lot of sewing and you have the space in the room for it, get a medium sized chest of drawers to store all of that fabric, threads and other accessories that you are sure to have.

Easy Accessibility is Equally Essential

Sure, you need to store everything out of sight so the room does not look cluttered. However, storing it all in a box in the loft or cramming everything into one drawer or one container is pointless. You’re still going to be struggling when you need something. Easy accessibility to all your sewing equipment and materials is crucial.  Keep items that you use regularly within arm’s reach and store the others in a place that you can access easily when you need to.

The key to organizing your sewing space efficiently is to stick to the ‘place for everything and every in its place’ rule. Decide which is the most convenient place to keep each item and after you are done using it, keep it back in the assigned place. That way, you can find it with your eyes closed the next time you need it.


Tip for today

Threads made from natural fibers can become brittle over a period of time especially if they are exposed to light. UV rays cause threads to deteriorate faster. To extend the life of your thread, store them in a drawer or in an opaque sealed container where they will be protected from light and dust.