The Janome DC3050 is a solidly built, high quality computerized sewing machine that offers precision stitching and some fantastic features at a not too expensive price.  The convenience and versatility that this machine offers makes it suitable sewers of all levels.

Stitch Features of the Janome DC3050

The DC3050 computerized sewing machine comes with an interesting selection of 50 built in stitches. The stitches are carefully selected to include most used utility stitches and stretch stitches as well as a really pretty range of decorative stitches and heirloom stitches. In addition, there are also quilting stitches, three different styles of 1 step buttonholes and a few strong stitches for sewing bulky fabrics.

The length and breadth of some of the stitches can be adjusted to 5 mm and 7 mm respectively, adding to the versatility of the 50 built in stitches.

Highlights of the DC3050

This  contains a nice combination of basic and automatic features to ensure super simplicity and ease of sewing for the beginner along with enough advanced features for the more experienced sewer.

  • Direct stitch selection buttons
  • Superior feed system
  • Horizontal thread delivery with numbered paths for easy threading
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Fifteen needle positions
  • Needle Up/Down button that is programmable
  • Fully automatic sensor buttonhole
  • Top loading, jam-proof bobbin with automatic bobbin winding and transparent bobbin cover
  • Slider for speed control with maximum speed of 820 stitches per minute
  • Automatic tension setting with provision for making manual adjustments
  • Conveniently located reverse button
  • One hand thread cutter
  • Pattern reference guide printed on the front face of the machine
  • Additional spool pin to wind the bobbin without having to unthread the top thread
  • Removable free arm for sewing cuffs, collars and trouser hems
  • Halogen light bulb in the front
  • 2 digit LED stitch pattern indicator
  • Presser foot pressure cannot be regulated but the lever has 3 height options – down, up and extra high for bulkier fabrics

The reverse button and the auto-lock button work differently for different stitches.

If pressed when sewing straight or zigzag stitches, the reverse button sews as normal in reverse but if pressed when sewing any of the other stitches, this button will sew a few locking stitches and then stop.

If the auto-lock button is pressed when sewing straight or zigzag stitches, it will immediately sew a few locking stitches and then stop whereas for all other stitches, it will wait to complete the whole stitch pattern and only then sew a few locking stitches. This way, you know your pattern will always be complete even if you press the reverse button too early.

Pros of the Janome DC3050

  • Nice selection of utility and decorative features
  • Speed control slider comes in very handy
  • Plenty of user friendly features for complete ease of sewing
  • Auto sensing buttonhole means no need for manic measuring and other time consuming prep work that is usually necessary for making buttonholes

Cons of the Janome DC3050

  • Pressure of the foot presser cannot be adjusted but the 3 height positions more than make up for this.

In Conclusion

The Janome DC3050 computerized sewing machine upholds the company’s reputation for manufacturing high quality sewing, precision sewing machines that are sturdy, user friendly and good value for money.