Mini Sewing Machines: The Perfect Solution For The Occasional Sewer

Mini sewing machines are just the thing you need for the occasional quick mending job. They are the perfect solution for someone who does not particularly do a whole lot of sewing but wishes they had a machine to repair that torn sleeve or hem your kitchen curtains.  Considering these machines cost somewhere in the range of $20- $50, they are worth buying and keeping for all those little last-minute repair jobs. Moreover, mini sewing machines from durable brands are lightweight but durable and can sew a pretty mean chain locking stitch.

White’s Sew Cute Mini Sewing Machine

One of the most popular pieces in this category is White’s new Sew Cute. This mini sewing machine is designed for children and comes in three colors: pink, two-tone green and yellow with while. The Sew Cute may sound like a toy, but reviewers assure that it’s a real sewing machine. Measuring 8 inches high and 8 inches across and weighing 1.8 pounds, this also is not the tool for someone with large hands. The Sew Cute’s bed is 4 inches from front to back and 3 inches from needle to machine body.

Although its dimensions are small, along with its price (suggested retail price is less than $50), this model has retained some of the standard sewing features that matter. Among these is an adjustable thread tension dial. The model also uses standard Class 15 metal bobbins to use as both bobbins and thread spool.

Among the features that the Sew Cute lacks is a sewing light, so it has to be used in a well-lit area. Like many other mini machines, this model has only one type of stitch (straight) that sews in only one size – 9 stitches per inch. The machine only sews forward, so it’s necessary to stop, lift the presser foot and rotate the fabric to lock a stitch. It also has only one presser foot that’s permanently attached and one speed, described as “medium fast.” With only one speed, this model has two modes: on or off.

With such basic operation, the Sew Cute doesn’t take long to learn how to use, as with most mini sewing machines. The key is to assess what your needs are before buying a specialized tool such as a mini machine, say sewing experts. For some people, a tiny, lightweight model such as this could perform all the functions they need. However, many serious home sewers look on a mini-machine as something for quick repairs or small projects, preferring a standard machine for most other uses.

You can find the White Sew Cute at along with several models of mini sewing machines from Michley

Michley Mini Sewing Machines

Michley boasts a pretty impressive range of mini sewing machines, with their lowest priced model pegged at less than $20. Most models feature double threading and double speed and can be used on most fabrics including cotton and silk.