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Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

If you are new to sewing, the first thing you will learn in your quest for a sewing machine is that there is no one best sewing machine for beginners. The truth is the best machine for you is one that meets your creative goals without over stretching your budget. How do you determine this? [...]

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Selecting A New Home Sewing Machine

How to successfully navigate the sewing machine maze… Selecting a new home sewing machine is your first step into the exciting world of sewing. As a creative pursuit, nothing comes close to sewing. Owning a home sewing machine will enable you to translate your fabric dreams into reality. But first, have you taken a look [...]

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How To Choose A Sewing Machine

Tips, suggestions, questions to help you select a new sewing machine… Learning how to choose a sewing machine that’s right for you is an integral part of your whole sewing experience. A machine with all the bells and whistles may be too expensive for your intended use, whereas one that is too basic may not [...]

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